Tuesday 5 August 2014

Eleni Vernadaki

Another visit to ADC, Eleni Vernadakis' shop. Having posted on her work many times, I'll just concentrate on new work in this post
These bowls are new - I like the form, and the way the rim is uneven and crinkles up
the black in the middle is typical Vernadaki

you  can see the way the edge crinkles up here
looking in


Wonderful cups and saucers - such a vibrant blue


interesting handles

black and white cup and saucer,

different type of handle 

the black dominating here


more of the bowls we saw earlier, but in different colours - the vibrant blue again

looking closer

looking down

finally, in red and white.


  1. How does she get that blue, astonishing intensity. Lovely.

    1. I know, it's extraordinary, Avril. It's like the lapis lazuli blue so coveted by artists in the 16th century; the Virgin blue that was so expensive that they used to keep exclusively to paint Mary's cloak, as described by Tracy Chevalier in her novel; the blue that Vermeer loved. This blue has so many associations in art, such rich history, and she manages it on clay. Maybe she does use lapis lazuli, I don't know. She definitely likes using gold and/or silver. I have a silver teapot and a bowl where she has used gold.

      She is an extraordinary artist and an extraordinary person too. She is 83 now and is not producing as much stuff as she used to. It will be tragic when she stops.

  2. Her work has tremendous energy, and she seems constantly to be trying new things. I love how her work co-ordinates with the décor in her shop.

    1. Olga, I saw some of her early work in an antique shop and it was so very different. So, yes, she's constantly changing and her work has developed in many ways and directions.

      Glad you noticed the décor in the shop!