Sunday 24 August 2014

Vouliagmeni Bay

'An immensity, sometimes azure and often green, extends as far as the boundaries of the heavens: it is the sea'.

Charles Baudelaire

 Vouliagmeni beach has been our preferred choice for the last two weeks

it's a very large beach that extends for over half of the bay: parts of it are very crowded but we go right at the end which is very much quieter - if we get there early enough, we can get some shade

a very rich person's plaything in the mouth of the bay

the colours of the pebbles always at their best when wet

and the sun shining on the water forms glorious patterns

such a pleasure to look at

lots of little fish in the water

and the patterns on and in the water can get quite psychedelic 

the sea is very shallow for quite a long way  

lots of water birds in the bay, mainly gulls


 they are very tame, quite used to people

and like people, they like staring into the distance

glad I managed to get one during flight

when it gets too hot some people find ingenious ways to keep cool - she does this every day

we can see the lake from where we sit

looking closer - the space of what was left after the roof of the underground cave collapsed

This is by far our favourite place to swim in the Athens area.


  1. Adolescent gulls in their speckled plumage are like adolescents everywhere: dress a little differently and gaze into a future far away from where you are now!

    1. Beautifully expressed, Avril, and very true.