Wednesday 24 September 2014

Our local market

Tuesdays are market days. The venue changes every six months and this summer it's very near our home, so we try to never miss it. Great produce, good prices, and the best eggs I've ever had... but more about that later.

There is a flower stall but the bulk of the produce is fruit and veg


The large umbrellas give it a very intimate feel as well as providing the much-needed shade

This gentleman who sells grapes wanted me to photograph him so how could I refuse


here are his grapes. Our favourites are stafida, literally translated raisins, and they're the only grapes we buy


lots of stalls selling tomatoes, at a very good price as you can see: 50 cents for a kilo


everything that's being sold is seasonal and beans are abundant at the moment. The cranberry beans in the middle, called handres in Greek, are absolutely delicious




two of the essential ingredients for horiatiki, Greek salad

more luscious tomatoes - this is the variety we buy: beef tomatoes, big, red and juicy


this is the end of the season for peaches but they're still good to eat


plums and nectarines


so many varieties of aubergine

they look so good - its a real pity I do not like the taste

We always buy our beans from this stall - the two ladies running it always greet us in English

Endless bowls of olives. I noticed last time that they have also started selling fresh, unprocessed ones - do people process them themselves?  They must do

Luscious red pomegranates



And now we come to the eggs and the reason why I won't miss a market day. These eggs are unlike any eggs I have ever eaten. They are literally a new experience, and every time I have one I feel that I have never eaten eggs before. I always buy free-range but these are a totally new taste. The hens that lay them are not only allowed to roam free but their diet consists of exclusively what is produced on the farm (with the exception of corn). Maybe this is the secret, I don't know.


Mountains of peppers


A souvlaki stall for those who get peckish


Fish - sardines in this photograph


Pulses and rice




  1. Looking great - and probably tasting even better!

    1. The abundance is overwhelming Olga, and yes, everything tastes delicious - as for the eggs....