Monday 1 September 2014

Parko Eleftherias

Parko Eleftherias, Freedom Park, a very small green oasis in the centre of Athens

The scent of eucalyptus, everywhere

The Art Centre is hidden amongst all the trees

We came to see the exhibition Exploding featuring work by Aggelos Antonopoulos

The Big Sleep




We then went to explore the park which is tiny so it did not take long at all


as we climbed the incline the city started revealing itself


and this was our view when we reached the top.

These are the only people we saw while we were there


looking back and Ken's just a dot


lovely and cool

not much green in the city, so it was greatly appreciated

up the steps to the café/restaurant


cool, shady, intimate and just lovely. We had a great time here, drinking ouzo and eating mezze

We left through this green tunnel which is the other entrance to the café

looking back

 and closer


it was 3:00 by then and very hot and the cicadas were singing their little hearts out.


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    1. Thank you Greydog. A little green oasis in the middle of all the concrete - it was lovely.