Monday 23 April 2018

River walk

Gorgeous weather last week, bright sunshine and 22oC - very unusual for the UK in April, so we took advantage and went to Stratford. We started with the circular walk around the Recreation Ground - the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, across the river.

The swans had finished feeding by the opposite bank and swam towards us for more

disappointed that we had nothing to offer, they moved off

There is only one bridge that connects the two parts of the town, so the ferry was busy


This is an extremely pleasant walk

willows on our left

looking up

lots of people about

the weir

and a lone swan.

We took the path on our left

spring in its full glory

another left turn at the end of the path

and we joined the old tramway

as we neared the end of our walk we could see the big wheel, a new addition to the town - is it temporary or is it permanent? We do not know

We crossed the bridge that links the two parts of the town

the RSC as seen from the bridge

we crossed the bridge and from the other side of the bank we got another view of the wheel

the swans were busy searching for food.

We walked into town, looked around some shops, including the new ceramics gallery, had a bite to eat and made our way home. I had a huge grin on my face - it was one of those days when everything seems to be perfect, like magic. The feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day.

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