Saturday 14 April 2018

The kitchen project - 4

The units have been installed.

As has the oven and the microwave but they're not connected yet.

The fridge arrived this morning and will eventually fit in the space between the cupboards on its left. The electrician however has not fitted a socket in that space so we will have to wait until he comes. He is the weak link in this very efficient and highly organised team.

He fitted this box that contains a switch we can press if we have a power cut. It is fitted in such a way however that we cannot open the box to get access to the switch, because of the handle on the gas pipe which is in front of it. What can one say?

Now it's the waiting game. Nothing much can be done in the kitchen until the quartz tops are constructed which will take approximately two weeks. Furthermore, Andy, our builder, is away, deep sea diving in Indonesia, so nothing  can progress in the rest of the house either. Everything has come to a standstill.

We wait....

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