Saturday 28 April 2018

The kitchen project - 5

Finally! The kitchen team left yesterday at 5:30, their job finished.

We have work tops, a hob, a cooker hood.

We have a sink - it was so wonderful this morning washing up in the kitchen, rather than in the bathroom.

The ovens and microwave are working.


 I am pleased with the sink which, even though is quite small, it's very deep.

The three-way tap means we can have filtered water on demand.

I am also pleased with the quartz work tops we chose as they give the kitchen a light and airy feel.

A wooden threshold has been installed to hide the hall tiles that were broken and it works really well, I think.

The work's not over though. Andy, our builder, who is back from Indonesia, will tackle the rest of the work next week: decorating and building shelves at either end of the units. Then, we can start moving things in. Last, but not least, our new table and chairs will arrive on the 11th of May.


  1. It's brilliant when you can see progress - even tho' the dust and noise and intrusions continue; they will soon end. Lovely.

    1. It's true, Olga. I have started being able to see the end, and it's a wonderful feeling. The intrusion has been the most difficult, I think: last Thursday there were six people working all over the house - it was very difficult. Once Andy starts working on the outside of the house, and the garden, I won't mind at all.

      Anyway, it's starting to feel exciting.

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    1. Thank you, Callum. I'm looking forward to using it when it's all done.

  3. Όμορφη έγινε <3

    1. Euharisto, Tatiana. Perimeno pos kai pos na teleiosoun ola.

  4. Great article.