Tuesday 25 September 2018

Eating and drinking in Serifos

This is Carnagio,  a bar at the sea front in Livadi in Serifos. We discovered it the first time we visited the island and have been going there for early evening ouzos every time we visit, every evening, without fail. You can sit close by the sea and enjoy wonderful views. The owner furthermore, plays 70s and 80s music, with a particular penchant for Pink Floyd, and we enjoy that too.

The tables are right by the sea. It's not very busy during the day, but at night, it's packed.

The views are spectacular.

We would normally arrive at around 7:00, order, and sit, sipping our drinks, watching the changing colours of the land/seascape as the sun went down.

Slowly, the light would fade, the first lights would come on, and the sea would turn gold.

When night fell, the picture would change entirely

After our pre-dinner drinks we would move on to Takis, next do Carnagio,  seen here during the day.

We also came here for lunch after our swim.

Like most tavernas and bars in Livadi, the tables and chairs are set on the sand

and the views are as spectacular as in Carnaggio.

One of the things a lot of the diners like to do is throw bread at the fish which then gather at great numbers and demolish the slices in no time at all. I don't know if bread is good for fish, but I have to admit that we indulged in this activity too.

Tis Kalis is another taverna we liked - the food is new Greek cuisine and it's spectacularly good.

Always packed,

and with good views too.

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