Sunday 16 September 2018

Farmers' market in Alimos

I have written before about our local market , its luscious, ripe fruit and great variety of vegetables. Once a month we also have a chance to enjoy the goods of the farmers' market. It's small but it's a chance to get produce straight from the producers and we try not to miss it.

The bread stall

sells sourdough bread

koulourakia (a certain type of cookie) in various flavours or with additions: vanilla, cinnamon, carob, with raisins or nuts

and lots of breadsticks, with cheese, nuts, seeds and all kinds of other combinations.

There are fruit stalls

Every type of nut you can imagine

Beans and lentils

I was intrigued by the small white beans on the left which come from the Feneos area: apparently they taste like vanilla. I will definitely get some in the winter to try them: there are too many varieties of fresh beans for sale at the moment, to bother with dried ones.

Organic wine





Hand-rolled pasta in various flavours, including squid-ink

Trahanas, a Greek speciality, made out of flour and milk, which makes wonderful soup


 which we were invited to sample

olive oil

Tsipouro, a regional spirit (again, we were invited to taste, but it was too early in the morning for spirits)

various types of honey

herbal teas


All kinds of flour, including corn

 and carob

Sultanas and raising

various vinegars

spoon sweets and jams


pickled caper leaves


We left with a kilo jar of Kalamata olives, a kilo of raisins, a large bag of carob rusks, some grapes and a chunk of thyme-flavoured graviera (a hard Greek cheese).


  1. Hi I just came across your post ! Would you know if this market is on today by any chance ?? Thanks 😊

    1. It's on the first Sunday of every month.