Monday 24 September 2018

Swimming in Serifos

There are no organised beaches in Serifos, due to the inhabitants' desire to leave their island as unspoiled as possible, and to retain the natural feel of the countryside - in the same way as the port of Livadi has retained most of the sand on the waterfront, rather than having it paved over. The beaches of Serifos are renowned for their beauty and Psili Amos was awarded the best beach for Europe in 2003.

We had a very relaxed time in Serifos this year, and we did not feel like doing much, except the routine we established from day one: swimming in Livadi, then lunch and a siesta, then ouzo at Carnagio and then an evening meal. The only exception was a few excursions up to the Hora. We did not even visit the mine at Megalo Livadi (you can see my post here ) something I wanted to do again. But, never mind, next time...

The only beach that is semi-organised is in Avrolomas on the edge of Livadi: there are some umbrellas and some beds which have been put up by the taverna and bar there. They are not allowed to charge for them, so instead, they expect you to have drinks or food from the bar - a clever way devised by the authorities to discourage organised beaches.

A twenby-minute walk would get us to the part that is organised. It's a long beach with golden sand. I took the two photographs above in the middle of the beach, so you can gage the length of it. Very few people in September which is how we like it.

Not many umbrellas and beds as you can see.

We had a routine here as well. We would sit for about an hour, gazing at the sea,

enjoying the moments where there was hardly anyone there.

Then, a long swim. I would swim from one end of the bay to the other, and then back. It was bliss.

Then, another hour of lazing about, a dip, and then it would be time for the walk back and lunch.

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