Sunday 7 October 2018

Kostas Varotsos

Costas Varotsos at the Theoharaki Foundation, Athens.

I have been familiar with Varotsos' work for a long time.

Every Athenian knows The Runner , an iconic sculpture which proudly stands in front of the Hilton hotel in Athens.

I have also seen The Gate of Aegina which is situated in the harbour of the town of Aegina

This is the first exhibition of his work that I have seen, however. Varotsos works mainly with glass and iron, using straight and curved lines, focusing on the fluidity of shaping, on the precision of balance.

Ears of Wheat, 2018, (iron and polyester),

Consisting of 12 convex sculptures in iron and polyester which feel as if they bend in the wind, though not in a naturalistic manner, these sculptures take up a whole floor of the three-floor  exhibition. They took my breath away.

A different view.

looking closer

Blow, 2018

Untitled, 2010, (iron and glass)

Globe 2018, (iron and glass)

This sculpture is a sphere with eight independent transverse cuts. A strong light in the centre makes the glass shimmer, signalling the quest for, or acceptance of, a higher truth.

looking closer

Spiral, 2018, (iron and glass)

looking closer

Horizons, 2017, (iron and glass)

Untitled, 2018, (iron and glass)

Narcissist, 2010, (mirror)

Europe (flags), 2018, (iron and glass)

looking closer

Finally, some small sculptures for sale in the museum shop:

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