Saturday 14 September 2013

The Gate of Aigina

The Gate of Aigina, by Kostas Varotsos   (2009)

Situated on the pier in Aigina harbour, and made of glass, this sculpture is a wonderful thing, absorbing and reflecting the light.

The first two photographs were taken mid-day and the last three at dusk.

Varotsos is predominantly, but not exclusively, a public space artist, creating huge sculptures and installations, glass being his favourite material.

His best known sculpture is the Runner which you can see here . You can also see another of his sculptures here

I loved the way The Gate changed as the light changed and the reflections that were created.


Like liquid light.


  1. A beautiful piece. I love the fact that it changes as the light does. It would be interesting to make a photo diary through the year.

    1. It was only as we were travelling back to Athens that I thought I should have photographed the sculpture at night because as you say, Olga, a photo diary would be an interesting idea - I was furious with myself for missing such an opportunity. I like his work.

    2. I'd second Olga's comments. The pictures taken at dusk, with the sun lower down and the light changing are particularly effective.

    3. I'm glad you like it, Mick. I think it's wonderful. We came upon it by chance, at dusk, so we saw it at its best the first time we lay eyes on it.