Friday 13 September 2013

Refuelling by the sea

While we were in Aigina, we had breakfast at En Plo which faces the harbour

For lunch we went to Babis' taverna, as the location was so good - right by the sea, tables and chairs on the sand, we could almost touch the water.

On our left was the harbour so we could watch all the boats go by

or the swimmers who decided they needed a rest

and sometimes even the sea birds  needed to touch base on the rocks

the beach where we swam was on our right.

Fortunately, the food was very good, as I don't think we could have gone anywhere else - we were addicted to the spot and the wonderful views it provided

you felt you could almost touch the water.

The evenings started at the Inn at the Beach

where we went for ouzo and meze. Right by the sea again, on the other side of the town, it was truly wondrous

beautiful sunsets,

boat watching

on the occasions when we managed to get a table on the side, we had sea views on our left as well

and sometimes, if the light was right the sea turned into liquid gold

it was spectacular

and  then a nail clipping of a moon would appear.

On our right we could see the town, its lights reflecting in the water.

One regret: we never managed to eat here, another excellent location, and the two tavernas, Babis (yes, there are two tavernas called Babis) and To Dromaki have the best food in town, we were told.

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