Monday 16 September 2013

Theodora Horafa

Theodora Horafa at EginaAigina.
I got very excited when I saw the poster for this exhibition as I am a great fan of Theodora Horafa's work but have seen very little of it, as she tends to primarily exhibit in Aigina. This was consequently a great opportunity and I was not disappointed.

oval-shaped shallow bowl

My photographs don't do these two black bowls justice, as it was very difficult to photograph them -

a very narrow mezzanine, and the fact that they were on the bottom shelf meant I could not bend down to take proper pictures

these are huge - they were on the floor

seen here on top of the stairs.

The above are part of the permanent exhibition of the gallery which was on the mezzanine. The ceramics below are part of the current exhibition.



One more photograph of this as it was my favourite






  1. No.5 is my favourite too, with probably no.12 second. These ceramic pieces intrigue me because they look so much as if they are made of papier mache. By coincidence, I am working on some papier mache designs in my head at present - so, thank you for the introduction to this work, although my own ideas are not like these.

  2. She is a wonderful artist, very talented, combining skill with imagination and vision - totally different work and direction in every exhibition, she is not afraid of taking risks, so the outcome is always stunning.

    I hope you will post images of the papier mache work when it comes to fruition.

  3. Glad you like it. She's a very interesting and talented ceramicist. Thank you for your comment.