Monday 30 September 2013


Blue at Kalfayan Galleries, Haritos Street.
Contemporary artists working with the colour blue, inspired by the blue and white porcelain vases of China, as seen in the picture above.


The Lost Island, Nina Papakonstantinou, 2010 (carbon copy, ink on paper) 

Untitled, 1980, Yannis Moralis, (oil on canvas)

Le Pelerinage a Lourdes, Yannis Gaitis, 1969, (acrylic on canvas) 

Untitled, Dimitris Tatatis, 2011 (ink on paper, wood) 

looking in

Untitled, Alexis Akrithakis, 1967 (tempera on wood) 

Untitled, Michalis Michaelides, 1966 (oil on canvas) 

Water Made of Lines and Crayon, David Hockney, 1978, (lithograph on hand-made paper)

Pelagos, Barbara Hepworth, 1961, (pencil and oil on gesso-prepared board) 


  1. Lovely. I especially like the Hockney, but then I would. I am intrigued by the painting to the left of the Morales - I would have walked right up to it first, I think. The Hepworth is delightful too - so light.

    1. The Hockney is my favourite too, Olga - but I have to be honest and say, I don't know how much of that is because it is a Hockney, and because I love the swimming pool paintings and this is a different version of them, so to speak.

      I had a real problem recording this exhibition. I usually record either what I like, or the majority of what is exhibited, as this blog is a diary, a memory aid, and I like to go back and look at what I have seen. The first problem was that there were some beautiful paintings of just the colour blue - just a riot of gorgeous colour. But, they were behind glass, so the photographs showed too much reflection - useless. The second problem was that some of my photographs did not come out well.

      So, I went on their website and tried to copy and paste but they do not allow that.

      The one you were intrigued by, The Red, Blue, White Venus for Mondale by Jim Dine was one. The other one was the Hepworth. So, I spent considerable time on google, trying to find one I could copy: I found loads of versions of the sculpture Pelagos, but very few of the painting - the one I copied has not come out well but I decided to keep it so that I could remember it.

      So, it's been quite frustrating. Unfortunately I do not have time to go back to the gallery, as we leave Greece on Thursday, and there's lots to do now and too little time. I'm just glad that we were able to go and see this exhibition and I am already looking forward to being back in the UK and doing and seeing things there.