Friday 2 November 2018


Big, open spaces greet you when you first arrive at Croome. As always, when we visit National Trust places, it was the walking that interested us. Down the slope we walked, aiming for Croome Court, the house.

During our descent, we noticed this small building, that seemed to be wrapped around a tree - we were certain that the huge tree we were seeing was 'coming out' of the roof of the building.

and so it is.

A sign informed us that this was an Arts Council project - an art installation then?

Great fun for the kids.

We eventually approached the house, and even had a quick look inside, as we were looking for the hidden door that led to the Earl's secret apartment, which we found.

A good view of the church from here

The Chinese bridge arching over the river

the house, as seen from across the water

We took the path that snakes along the river

it was a bit cold to sit on the deck chairs, but we appreciated the thought

Another bridge

leads to the lake

which we circled,

autumn colours

and then we reached the Grotto and Sabrina

The lake looked wonderful

We continued on our way

and reached the orangery

We then took the path that would take us uphill to where we started off

where we encountered this lass, perched on this tree trunk, ready for Halloween.

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