Thursday, 29 November 2018

Oxford pioneers

Oxford Pioneers at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, Oxford.

An exhibition of the work of pioneering potters including five Gordon Baldwins.

Gordon Baldwin, The Developed Bottle, 1980-81, (stoneware)

Gordon Baldwin, Stoppered Vessel with Dark Signs, 2004, (stoneware)

Walter Keeler, two jugs and one teapot 

Edmund de Waal, Tall Cargo Jar

Edmund de Waal, Jug, 1997

Walter Keeler,  Salt Glaze Teapot

Walter Keeler, 2 Branched Teapots 

Joanna Constantinidis, Large Bottle, (stoneware)

Walter Keeler, One Teapot, Two Jugs

Alan Caiger-Smith, Open Bowl

Rupert Spira, Open Bowl, (stoneware with chun glaze)

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie

 Rupert Spira, Large Open Bowl with Embossed Text, (stoneware with chun glaze)

Gordon Baldwin

Ruth Duckworth, Porcelain 'Blade Form', 1985

Gordon Baldwin, Mug, 2000

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