Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2018 - 2

Some more ceramics from this year's fair.

John Wheeldon:

Stephen Parry:

Jo Keogh:

'Material and surface make an active contribution to the form. Pieces are frequently cast using a while semi-porcelain slip, glazed using a bright white zircon glaze, or press moulded using a rough black stoneware, sealed with a wash of frit. The resulting whitewares have a finish analogous with the sterility of laboratory equipment and sanitary ware, contradicting the crafted element. The reflective nature of the glaze accentuates contours and undulations within the work. Clean, uncomplicated firing in an electric kiln leaves surfaces unaltered, not disguising the subtle marks of making. In contract, the black stoneware has a dark, matt, craggy finish, synonymous with the highly tactile ceramic pieces emanating from the ancient kilns of Japan'.

Rachel Wood:

Katharina Klug:

'While striving for perfection in the shape of the vessel, I deliberately embrace imperfections in my surface pattern designs. I draw freehand onto the form using my trademark crayons'.

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