Monday 6 May 2019


Even though we walk past Dexameni very often as it's on the way to some of our favourite private galleries  as well as to Phillippou, one of our favourite tavernas, we had never actually gone in to have a closer look at the tiny park, small playground and old reservoir.

We did so last week on our way to Phillippou, with my cousin Tilda, who played there as a child. She gave us the grand tour.

This is the old water reservoir, which according to Tilda, provided water for a large proportion of Athens years ago. I have tried googling the area for more information, but could not find anything much.

The park is small but a welcome green shady spot in the middle of all the bustling city.

It leads to this café which is a very popular place to sit.

Lots of kids playing here - I can't remember the last time I saw kids climbing trees in a built-up area

This sign informed us that this is where Hadrian's Water Reservoir was located - a pity I could not get any information

We walked around for a bit

then walked to the edge of the elevation and could see the Acropolis in the distance

zooming in

and more

We then retraced our steps, past the summer cinema,

past the cafe

and then it was time for Phillippou, and lunch.


  1. I grew up playing in this park. The first reservoir you show was covered then with a corrugated roof, but we would sneak in and play in the water. The round cement structure full of plants in the first picture actually marks the spot of a small kids pool. That was back in the late 1960s early 1970s. The cinema was not a cinema at the time, it was the gardeners house / facility. We used to sneak in there also and run around on top of the reservoir (there were actually 2 reservoirs in the park) where the cinema's chairs are now. We always wanted to get down into the water there also but never made it. I probably climbed every one of the trees in your pictures. Never sat at the coffee shop, too expensive for us at the time....

    1. What lovely memories. Thank you for sharing with us - it gave me a real feel of what it used to be like.