Thursday 24 August 2023


We've had some amazing skies recently. Sitting on the terrace, sipping a glass of chilled wine with this view in front of you - bliss!

This was last night. Just beautiful.

This was two days ago. It's apocalyptic. The reason why the sun looks like this is because the whole of the city is covered in a grey cloud of smoke due to the fires that have been raging on mount Parnitha for the last few days. 

The fire was under control yesterday but it started again overnight and the situation today is critical. Firefighters are trying to control the fire. In the meantime, the whole city is smothered by smoke: the sky is a dark grey, and the smell of burning is overwhelming. The only sound is the barking of the dogs. Apocalyptic. 

I am stuck indoors: I have asthma and smoke brings on an attack, so I am staying put today.


  1. Isn't "apocalyptic" a Greek word?
    And that's a scary sun.

    1. Apocalyptic is a Greek word, indeed. The whole situation with the fires was really scary and we weren't even close to any. I fear things are going to get worse worldwide.