Sunday, 26 February 2012

By the river

A walk by the river in Stratford

it is a gorgeous, sunny day

a day that makes you feel glad to be alive

and the trees have turned into gold.



We parked at the Recreation Ground, walked up the old railroad track, then down the path next to the road and finally joined the river - a variation to the way we normally tackle this walk.


I cannot get enough of the gold against the blue sky



but I also like this old tree, the trunk is huge


and a closer look.


We have reached the theatre


I was not sure at first, but now I think that the work they have done renovating it is wonderful


it does look very good.

So many swans and geese on this stretch of water

another look at the theatre as we cross the bridge

more crocuses on our way to the car after lunch - spring is truly here!

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  1. I notice trees in winter have reared their heads again