Monday, 20 February 2012


Plateia Karytsi, a small square in the centre is full of hidden surprises as some of the nicest bars of the city are to be found here. It does not have the buzz and excitement of Gazi, but the bars here draw a very interesting clientele, mostly intellectuals, artists and 'alternative' type of people. The bars are little gems, beautifully decorated, with an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

We came to spend an evening in the Black Duck to have a glass of wine, to chat and to have a look at the photographs of dancers taken by Yiannis Skoulas. I was extremely disappointed by the way my photographs came out, but I still wanted to have a record of the evening so I decided to post despite the poor quality of the photographs.

The Black Duck is a place we will definitely revisit - we had a great evening and loved the ambience.


Just pictures this time.

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