Sunday, 12 February 2012

Remembering Dorothea Tanning


Dorothea Tanning, painter, sculptor and poet died at the age of 101 last week. She is most known for her surrealist paintings, and most notably

'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik',  1943. The immense, writhing sunflower seems as animated as the girl whose hair is on end standing in the apparently endless corridor.

Birthday, 1942,  a self portrait where Tanning's bare-breasted figure is set amidst infinitely receding doors and is juxtaposed by a hippogriff.

Beyond the Esplanade, 1940

Portrait of Muriel Levy

The Truth about Little Girls and Comets

Family Portrait, 1954

By the late 1960s she was creating surreal cloth figures made with a sewing machine. These figures have been echoed recently by Sarah Lucas.

Tragic Table, 1973

Rainy Day Canape, 1970


He told us, with the years you will come
To love the world,
And we sat there with our souls in our laps
And comforted them.

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