Monday 6 February 2012

Glyfada by the sea

A warm, blustery day and we decide to take the tram and go for a walk by the sea in Glyfada

the little sailing boats are out en masse and a lesson is in full swing as they are all assembled around the large teaching boat

every Sunday we see them on the horizon.

Today's walk is a house-watching walk. There are some beautiful houses on this stretch of the coast in contrast to most of Athens which is full of apartment blocks

here's another shot of one of my favourites on this stretch

in some cases you can't see the house at all - just fence and gate

this is another favourite - the front is all glass

the round tower on the side of this one always fascinated me when I was a child

traditional Greek village style, but grander

further along, and no house in sight again, but the fence and the row of palms are endless

this has always been my favourite

1930's?  Art Deco? Probably.


  1. I really must become rich.

  2. I wonder if they are paying extra taxes?

  3. Probably not, Avril. The rich in Greece always manage to tax evade.