Thursday 15 July 2021


We have been in Greece for approximately two weeks now. We've been very busy as there's lots to do but have managed to go out in the evenings a few times.

Edem is one our favourite places. It's by the sea, and the tables are literally on the sand. It feels like being on an island. 

The cafe/bar:

We like to come here at around 6:30 to have a coffee or tea. There's hardly anyone here at that time because the sun is still strong, so we sit in splendid isolation. People start arriving at around 7:30 and by the evening it's packed.

There's a very nice, relaxed feel to the place

and the views of the sea are fantastic.

On our left there's a sand mound, with various plants growing in the sand, including lots of bamboo.

We like to look at the boats as they sail by, but we've noticed that this summer there's very few ferries or cruise ships - the pandemic having its toll.

The restaurant:

We like to come here at around 8:00, in time to see the sunset. Lots of people still swimming, and the restaurant is still relatively empty - Greek people like to eat late. 

Quite a few people still swimming - we used to like swimming as the sun sets, but we have not done this for quite a while.

Then it gets dark and we can see all the lights along the coast, and across the bay in Pireus.

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