Friday, 18 May 2018

A new exhibition at the Stratford gallery

A new exhibition at the Stratford Gallery

Raewyn Harrison, Mudlarking vessel, London Bridge 1749, (porcelain)

Raewyn Harrison, Mudlarking Elizabethan bottle, (porcelain)

Raewyn Harrison, Mudlarking tea bowl, (porcelain)

Raewyn Harrison, Mudlarking vessel, Elizabethan London, (porcelain)

Olivia Walker, Medium white vessel with wide texture, (porcelain)

Peter Hayes, Raku bow with copper disc and blue wave raku fired stoneware, copper disc, slate and resin

Mizuyo Yamashita, Mentori vases

Mizuyo Yamashita, Mentori vase

Mizuyo Yamashita, Mentori vase

Jessica Thorn

Laura Wade, Tier IV, (Indian and walnut ink on cotton rag paper)

Laura Wade, Tier III, (Indian and walnut ink on cotton rag paper)

Harriet Porter, Silver Spoon in Window, (oil on canvas)

Harriet Porter, Ladle Study, (oil on canvas)


  1. I love Mizuyo Yamashita's work, and especially covet the Mentori vase with the red line. A delight.

  2. It is lovely, indeed, Olga. I am so pleased that there is a new gallery that does ceramics so near to where I live.