Monday 7 May 2018

The kitchen project - 6

The kitchen is finished. It's been quite a week though. Last week we naively thought we had reached the end, so Ken gave everything a thorough clean. Two days later our builder started sanding down the walls that had been plastered and the ensuing dust was awful. I had to wear a mask in the house as my asthma reached unbearable levels but was able to take it off in the room where the purifier was located.   Everything was covered and the air was toxic. I kept thinking of all the work that Ken put in, all in vain.

Anyway, now it is finished indeed. The walls have been painted, as has the woodwork, the radiator, and everything else that needed painting. It all looks bright and sparkling.

We have shelves at the end of the units. These shelves will be used for bowls and other crockery. The little cupboard down the bottom hides the water meter.

We have more shelves at the other end of the units.

These are for jars of lentils, beans, nuts, as well as the cookery books.

We are very pleased with the way the kitchen looks and everything seems to be in working order.

We are still camping in the house though, and will continue doing so for another two weeks. The hall needs painting and we know that the preparation work will create a lot more dust. The upstairs bathroom is still like a building site as it has been for the last five weeks. More dust from that quarter is anticipated. Our builder is not coming next week: some rich people have offered him £3,000 to decorate their home, and it's an offer he feels he cannot refuse. Their money has effectively allowed them to jump the queue, so we will have to wait. We reckon it will be another week for the hall and the bathroom to be finished so another two weeks of waiting, and then hopefully we can have our home back, move into the kitchen and get everything sorted. It feels like we've been living in these conditions for ever,  and we are sick of take-away salads, however delicious they have been. But, the end is in sight...

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