Tuesday 15 May 2018

Coughton Court

Another glorious day last Sunday, so we went to Coughton Court for a walk in the grounds.

We parked the car and headed straight for the woods to be amongst the bluebells

which did not disappoint.

The scent was heavenly

It's a small wood, and the path snakes up the hill and then down again

The bluebells were everywhere

they were so delightful I had to remind myself to look up

we turned right and started on our descent

Then a walk in the meadow which led to

the small bridge over the stream

on our right, our first sighting of the house

and a dramatic change to the smells - wild garlic lines both sides of the path.

The smell was overwhelming

The very shallow stream on our left

the walk is very pleasant

huge expanses of wild garlic once we left the path

and reached the bog garden

the path here is lined with hostas

different varieties

a maiden hidden in the middle of the plants

we then moved on to the orchard

A few tulips remain. Two weeks ago this would have been filled with tulips of all varieties. You can pick as many as you want, and then pay at the shop. Unfortunately, we missed them this year

The entrance to the walled garden

which is divided into 'rooms'

this room is home to four wisteria trees. I have yet, after all these years, to see them flower - they tend to flower much later than the rest of the wisterias in our area and we somehow always miss them.

The central path of the walled garden

leads to the lake

we enjoyed looking at the mallard with her nine ducklings

a goose with her four babies

it was a still day so the reflections were very clear

an arch leads to the rose garden

where another maiden is to be found

a few remaining tulips here

We were not ready to leave yet

so decided to walk around the lake

a mixture of wild garlic and bluebells gave this part of the walk interesting scents

fluffy and incredibly fast moving

We reached the central area of the grounds - so many people enjoying the sunshine here

two avenues of trees on either side of the grass lead to

the house.

More tulips

and then it was time to go home.

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