Saturday 5 May 2018

Ibrahim El-Salahi

Ibrahim El-Salahi,

at the Ashmolean, Oxford.

Ibrahim El-Salahi is a pioneer of African and Arab Modernism. His art draws from a vivid imagination rooted in the traditions of his homeland, which he fuses with inventive forms of calligraphy, African abstraction and a profound knowledge of European art history.

The Tree, 2008, (acrylic on canvas)

Flamenco Dancers, 2012

No Shade but His Shade, 1968

12/3/1999, 1999 (coloured inks on watercolour paper)

Untitled, 1999, (coloured inks on watercolour paper)

Head of Undersecretary, 2000

A series of drawings from Diary 2. Autobiographical drawing, oscillating between personal history, memory and fantastical allegory, mostly drawn in black and white, that feature abstracted and abstract calligraphy, distinctive elongated faces, trees and plant shapes, ornamental patterns and biomorphic compositions.

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