Sunday 27 May 2018

The gallery at the Guild, Chipping Campden

When C.R. Ashbee (English architect and designer who was a prime mover of the Arts an Crafts movement that took its craft ethic from the works of John Ruskin and its co-operative structure from the socialism of William Morris) and other members of his Guild and School of Handicraft left the East End of London and moved to Chipping Campden in 1902, the town became known as a centre for the Cotswold Arts and Crafts movement. They set up their workshops in the Old Silk Mill, specialising in metalworking, producing jewellery and enamels, as well as hand-wrought copper, wrought ironwork, and furniture.

Today, the building is a co-operative of artists and craftspeople who exhibit their work here. As usual, I was mainly interested in the ceramics on display.

Hilary LaForce, tea bowl

Hilary LaForce

Hilary LaForce, tea bowls

Hilary LaForce, tea bowls

Hilary LaForce, Volcanic landscape

Alice Shepherd, Spotty Jugs

Hilary LaForce, crystal glazed dish

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