Sunday 27 March 2011

Wallis and Nicholson

The Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson exhibition at Compton Verney is small but definitely worth seeing.

But first a look at the renovated ice house.

and then the first glimpse of the main house

Wallis loved St Ives and painted it tirelessly

He painted on pieces of card and everyday objects

using household paints

being a former marine scrap merchant he found this form of recycling natural.

An abstract painting by Nicholson

There is a second exhibition called 'What the folk say... folk art interventions'.  This exhibit is the 'Resurrection' from the 1400s - the folk art intervention is an egg cosy on Christ's head: one of the more controversial exhibits...

A walk around the grounds after lunch and we come upon the giant horse by Marcia Farquhar

A last look at the bridge before we head for home.

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