Saturday 20 August 2011

Beija Flor

Beija Flor was my favourite restaurant in Sifnos and we ate there a number of times

lots of space,

attention to detail,


another sculpture

and the food was absolutely fantastic: Greek cuisine with a modern twist, beautifully cooked, tasty and at times adventurous

When the bill came we were always pleasantly surprised: it averaged at 50 euros for two people and that included a bottle of wine.

This is the old oven which they have kept and turned into a feature.

It was beautiful at night. Most people did not arrive until after 10:00, so the place is still quite empty.

Beija Flor also has a bar

not as much space as in the restaurant, but very cosy

with fantastic views

you can see Artemona from here 

another sculpture

 this is the lower terrace

and a sculpture on the lower terrace

at the entrance there are art books for people to look at

and more art

this is a pun on the fact that tavernas use paper as tablecloths - the title of the newspaper on this table is 'tablecloth' and this is what it is used as

This is the menu

would you go up those steps?

beautifully lit at night

and that includes the art.

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  1. Looks wonderful but it made my waitressing days come flooding back...there must be so far to walk to serve the tables, made my feet ache to think about it!