Wednesday 2 November 2011

Oxford Ceramics Fair

It's been a week of ceramics, and how exciting it's been!

Oxford Ceramics Fair, at St Edmund's School.

Ingrid Saag

Akiko Hirai

Akiko Hirai

Kaori Tatebayashi

Kaori Tatebayashi

Lesley Risby   (the wire 'basket' is coated in porcelain)

Lesley Risby

Antonia Salmon

I love Antonia Salmon's sculptures and have been following her progress for a while now

and here's another one

Emily Myers

Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis' work has been growing on me

isn't this beautiful?

and here's another one of these fantastic bowls

Sue Paraskeva

This was the first time I had seen Sue Paraskeva's work and I instantly fell in love with it

after throwing her porcelain pots she attacks them with a large piece of wood

she never knows what the result will be or how extensive the destruction

she then uses oxides, glaze

and finally they go in the kiln.

Clare Conrad

very interesting surfaces

Sacha Wardell

I came across Sacha Wardell's pottery three years ago at this fair

and have loved her pots ever since.

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