Wednesday, 28 December 2011


We went for a walk around Coombe Country Park this afternoon.

A dull, grey day - the water is the colour of lead.

This statue in the water is in front of the hotel

the sun is struggling to come out and the statue looks quite different with the sun's rays on it

we leave the house/hotel behind and head for the woods

and come upon this weir

it is nice getting away from the 'day after Boxing Day' crowds

it is so quiet in the woods

and the sun is out - it makes such a difference!

We say goodbye to the geese and head home....

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  1. Ωραίο μέρος είναι.... και φοβερές φωτο..ειδικά η 2η και εκείνη που φαίνεται σαν ουράνιο τόξο!!!!! :-)