Wednesday 22 August 2012

Abdhullah A.

My heart goes out to Abdhullah A., an Iraqi immigrant who, in the last few days, got a real taste of state hospitality.

Abdhullah A. was arrested in Athens under the Xenios Dias operation and taken to Komotini with the view to being expelled. When it was discovered that his papers not only allowed him to stay in Greece but that he also had a work permit (yes, I know, the question is obvious but here it is anyway, why did they not check his papers before arresting and transporting him?)  he was released.

Given that his arrest was unlawful, the least the arresting authorities could have done would have been to help him get back to Athens. As such help was not offered, and as he had no money, he decided to hitch hike back to Athens.

He managed to get as far as Xanthi where he was attacked by truncheon-wielding motorcyclists who beat him up and left him on the roadside.

Passing motorists took half-unconscious Abdhullah to hospital where he received treatment and where the staff  had a whip-round and bought him a ticket back to Athens.

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Gangs of black clad motorcyclists wielding truncheons and chains have been terrorising the north of Greece around the areas where the victims of the Xenios Zeus operations have been taken with the view to being expelled. Kavalla, Serres, Evros, Thessaloniki and Xanthi have seen a lot of such attacks.

In Xanthi a few days ago, a customer in a cafeteria who 'dared' to protest against these activities was badly beaten up. There ensued battles when anti-racist youth tried to push the fascists out of the town.

Topiron in Xanthi has had a sizeable Muslim community who have peacefully coexisted with the rest of the residents for many years. Following attacks by fascists against the Muslim minority, the mayor has declared that he will not allow his town to become a battlefield and will do his utmost to ensure the peaceful coexistence of the two communities.

'We have put a lot of effort into ensuring our residents are treated as equal citizens and we are not going to let this pass unchallenged. We warn this small group of dangerous, idiotic thugs that we will stand in the way of their plans. We will find them and stop them'.

Every Greek citizen needs to say and do the same in order to stop this.

(Photograph taken during the anti-racist festival )

Source: Kathimerini

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