Wednesday 5 December 2012

A day in London

We spent Sunday in London. We took the tube to St Paul's and here we are about to cross Millenium Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral behind us

as we cross the bridge, the Shard on our left

it was a gorgeous, sunny, bright day and the light was amazing

view from the terrace at the Tate, Millenium bridge on the right.

I always photograph the trees at the front of the Tate, as I love them

one more photograph

the sky seen through the curtain of the branches

dusk was settling in as we left the Tate

zooming in

and a closer look at the bridge

a last look at the Tate before crossing the bridge.

It was almost dark by the time we got to Covent Garden

how does he do it?

Christmas lights everywhere

that looked so inviting

the Christmas tree outside the market


listening to the music

the effect of the lights is magical

lots of shoppers

by the Opera.

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