Sunday 6 January 2013

Eleni Vernadaki


Down the steps to the ADC Studio, the shop that sells Eleni Vernadaki's ceramics. The shop is in the basement now, half the size of what it used to be. Ms Vernadaki is approaching 80, and is not working as much as she used to I am told, but her output is still very impressive and I still don't understand how she manages to handle some of the huge ceramics she produces.

As always, lots of black and white, but a lot of red too given the season

black and white bowl with ... are they figs? Not sure, but they are lovely

the stacked up white bowls with the black in the middle are stunning, but then so is the large plate

more of those bowls

jug - unusual shape

teapot - I love the red detail in the spout

bowls and plates

variation on the same theme

and another

they're like abstract paintings, aren't they?

lots of seasonal pomegranates

The sphere is a vase - it has a square hole on top. I know because I own a black and white one

two tall black and white vases

This is one of my favourite pieces - it is huge

this golden globe is big too - it is on the floor

these three spinning tops were the first thing I bought from the shop. They are small and I could afford them.


  1. Hi, would you happen to know where I can still purchase her potteries since ADC is closed now? Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't. I think they're very difficult to come by now because she stopped working when ADC closed. I think the owners of her ceramics treasure them and keep them for themselves - I certainly do. The odd one crops up occasionally. I saw one 2 or 3 weeks ago in Roma Gallery: it was a fairly large bowl and the price was 2,500 euros. It was not anything as nice as the ones in my blogpost.