Sunday 1 December 2013

John Ward at the Stour Gallery

The Stour Gallery in Shipston-on-Stour 
I love John Ward's ceramics, the form, the surface decoration - they are perfet. 
'All work is handbuilt by pinching out a base then adding flattened coils of clay to produce hollow forms. These are sometimes altered at the leather-hard stage, by cutting and re-joining to create ridges or grooves between curving surfaces. Finally they are scraped and partly-burnished with a pebble. Glazes are applied by a combination of pouring, spraying and painting, sometimes with painted decoration underneath. All glazes are matt'.
'Form above all, but expressed through light and colour'.


Looking in




looking closer 





  1. Thank you for this post: I also love John Ward's work, but have not looked at it for many years now. We bought one of his pots with a gift of money for our 25th wedding anniversary, way back in '95. It is like the one at this link, except that ours is the shape of a flattened bottle/canteen

    I love his use of the light earth colours now as well as black and white.

    1. You lucky thing, owning a John Ward! And such a gorgeous one! His work is so expensive now, it's only something I could dream of.

      Well, I think this was probably the last ceramics exhibition for a while! There are always lots around here in the autumn, and this one has been particularly good - I've had my fill. A friend who is also into ceramics tells me there's loads on in the summer as well, but we are never around for those. But, this autumn has been good.