Tuesday 11 February 2014

The captured gaze


Olga's  post on the gaze which was a result of thoughts that originated from my post on the male gaze - the female gaze  reminded me of this painting as it has a very strong captured gaze very similar to the images by Audrey Walker that Olga posted in her blog.
It was painted by Christina Papavasileiou in the 1930s. After her death seventy canvases were found in her attic, all rolled up together. Papavasileiou is a classic example of unfulfilled female potential and her history is a partial answer to the question 'why aren't there more female artists'. You can find out more about her here .


  1. I find this portrait an overwhelmingly sad one - one of resignation and regret. Is it a self portrait?
    I read your post on her, and agree that it would have been interesting to see how she might have developed.

    1. I agree Olga, it's very expressive. It's not a self-portrait. The self-portrait is one of the most striking of her portraits and her niece has kept that. I liked it a lot.