Saturday 27 December 2014


We had a really nice afternoon walking around Broadway just before Christmas. 

This old church has been converted into a design museum.


One of the many antique shops in the town


The Cotswold stone gives these houses their own particular character

and some of them are quite old so that the stone has mellowed

What makes Broadway unusual is the large number of art galleries

and some of them specialise in contemporary art which is rare in the Cotswolds.

My Gang II, Neil B. Helyard

Reclining Figure, 1980, Henry Moore.

I love Moore's drawings, so seeing this one was a real pleasure

The Farm, L.S. Lowry, (pencil on paper)

Entwined, Chris Webb, (stone)

Luna, Chris Webb, (bronze)


Eva, Chris Webb, (bronze)


We then moved on to John Noot Contemporary


Water Birds, Linda Warwick

Perfect symmetry

There are also some very nice gift shops here and we managed to do the last bits of Christmas shopping so we were very pleased about this unexpected outcome

When the sun hits the stone it takes on a golden glow


which is extremely attractive


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