Tuesday 12 May 2015

Vanessa Bell

I'm in the process of working on an essay on Vanessa Bell. I need to have images of her paintings at hand, and rather than keeping them to myself, I thought I would share them. No commentary, just the paintings so, enjoy!
 Cornish Cottage, 1900
Lady Robert Cecil, 1905


Julian as a Baby, 1908

Saxon Sydney Turner at the Piano, 1908

Iceland Poppies, 1908-09

The Hotel Garden, Florence, 1909

46 Gordon Square, 1909-10

Figure on the Beach, Strudland Bay, 1910-11

Strudland Beach (The Bathers), 1911-12

The Beach, Strudland, 1911

Strudland Beach, 1912

Conversation Piece, 1912

Virginia Woolf, 1912

Troubled: Portrait of Virginia Woolf

Frederick and Jessie Etchells Painting, 1912

Haystacks in Italy, 1912

A Room at the Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition, Matisse Room, 1912

Roger Fry, 1912

Two Figures (detail) 1913

Dancing Couple, 1913

Design for Adam and Eve Screen, 1913-14

Still Life on Corner of a Mantelpiece, 1914

Composition, 1914

Abstract Painting, 1914

Composition, 1914

Triple Alliance, 1914

Self-Portrait, 1915

Mrs S. John Hutchinson, 1915

Window Still Life, 1915

A Conversation, 1913-16 (oil on canvas)

Landscape, 1916

The Pond at Charleston, 1916

Nude with Poppies, 1916

Study for the Tub, 1916

The Tub, 1917

The Open Door, 1926

Figure Group with the Artist, Another Woman and Two Children by French Windows

Baie De La Reine, 1927

A Girl Reading, 1932

A Sussex Barn, 1945-50

Charleston, East Sussex, 1950-55

Dorothy Bussy at La Souco, 1954

Self-Portrait, 1958

Angelica Garnett and her Four Daughters, 1959

Work for the Omega workshops:

Rug, or Table-top design, 1913-14

White VI, 1913

Design for Lady Ian Hamilton's Rug, 1913-14

Maud Fabric, 1913

Bathers in a Landscape (Omega Screen)


Dust jacket for The Years

Dust jacket for Monday or Tuesday

for The Waves

for Three Guineas

for A Haunted House

for To the Lighthouse


  1. Thank you for sharing these. It's a while since I have thought about Vanessa Bell. I do like her Studland Bay paintings, and especially admire her textile designs. I hope that you are enjoying writing your essay.

    1. Olga, I remember very clearly the first time I saw Strudland Beach - the last one, the last radically simplified version - it made such an impact one me! And it still does. I think it's a wonderful painting, and one that affects me deeply. I also like a lot the abstracts she painted in 1914. So, I thought that this was an opportunity to learn more about her. I am still at the stage of reading and thinking - I am not going to start writing for a while yet, but we are away a lot this term, so I had to start my thinking early. I am enjoying it enormously.

  2. Yes, I agree that the Studland Beach painting is impactful. It seems mystical, as if the figures are worshipping - as indeed so many of us worship the sea. I am fond of the place itself - or at least I used to be years ago. My husband and I sometimes used to go there for a picnic on Christmas day, when there was no-one else around. Nowadays it always seems to be crowded, even on the coldest of days.

    1. I have never been. So many places to visit....

      Picnic on Christmas day sounds absolutely delightful!