Monday 22 August 2016

Ano Trikala Korinthias

We spent four delightful days in Ano Trikala in Korinthia in the Peloponnese. Trikala is the main village of the Ziria mountain range and consists of three different villages, Lower, Middle and Upper Trikala. We stayed in Ano (Upper) Trikala, which is 1,100 metres above sea level.

Varnevo, the guesthouse where we stayed is small and cute - its architecture is typical of the area.

The tower consists of two suites. My sister and her husband had the suite on the ground floor, with a sitting room and bathroom downstairs, and steps that lead up to a platform which is the bedroom

We stayed in the main building and had one of the three rooms

that can be accessed from this balcony

This was our room 

and the orange table and chairs were our outside sitting area, 
but we preferred to use the bar/restaurant terrace where we had their fantastic breakfast and at 7:00 pre-dinner ouzos

the views were awesome

which consisted of  parts of the Ziria mountains, the bay of Corinth and in the distance, the mainland

Looking at the views was hypnotic and I could have stayed there all day.

It's a small village - we liked this round house with the interesting roof.

The village church is large and imposing, but services are rare - apparently there is only one district priest whose responsibilities include 17 churches.

A typical stone house

views of the mountains abound

This is one of the local tavernas that became our favourite: we ate here the best cheese and spinach pies I've ever had, and their lamb chops were exceptional.

This abandoned building used to be a five-star hotel - abandoned buildings are unfortunately very common in Greece.

We also visited Middle Trikala, very picturesque and the biggest of the three districts


wooden chalets

and stone buildings.

We had lunch here, at the Tzini


another stone building


with a terrace that has the most amazing views of the valley and the mountains

and we certainly enjoyed the views while we had a delicious meze and ouzo lunch

it was packed when we arrived, but was completely empty by the time we left.

We parked the car near this house

which gave us the opportunity to admire its wonderful garden, a green oasis

with a back terrace that provided excellent views.


  1. Replies
    1. I want to go back. I loved it there, and loved looking at the views from the terrace of the guest house - it was as calming as looking at the sea.

  2. It all looks wonderful. The abandoned hotel would be a wonderful project for someone when Greece sees better days again.

    1. The abandoned hotel looked wonderful, Avril. I fear that it will become a ruin before Greece sees better days - things are not good here at all. It's painful and very sad.