Thursday 15 September 2016


We spent three weeks in Athens following our trip to Ano Trikala.

Summer was drawing to a close, and this was most evident on the beach which was deserted. For those of us who continue swimming it's the best time: very few people about, the sea tends to be calm and sparkling, and the light loses the harshness of mid-summer. Bliss! We went swimming most days.


On our way to the beach one day I was struck by the symmetry of the juxtaposition on the two terraces of the woman taking photographs and the sculpture that's been there ever since I can remember

zooming in, the woman on the roof

and the sculpture.

These three weeks were a very quiet time for us as we are skint and were saving up to go to Milos. Most evenings we would go to Le Bon, our local café, for restorative pre-dinner ouzos.

We like this place. It's in the middle of our small shopping area, it's quiet, the people who own it are friendly, and we always feel relaxed here.

We would then come back home, and sit on the terrace, look at the sunset, have something to eat and then play backgammon.

We had lunch at Edem one day - it was overcast, a bit chilly (it's all relative) and it was gloriously quiet.

We got back from Milos last night, and now I have to start processing my photos and think about our wonderful break.

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