Monday 7 November 2016

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2016

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2016

at St Edwards School, Oxford.

A particularly varied and interesting event featuring 60 makers. As always, a pleasure.

Sarah Moorhouse:

I first saw Sarah Moorehouse's bowls in an art gallery in Cardiff and was taken by the intensity of the colours.

Moyra Stewart:

Jane Wheeler:

Anna Lambert:

Eddie Curtis:

same vessel as above, but a slightly different angle

Jack Doherty:

Barry Stedman:

Justine Allison:

This was the first time I sawAllison's work. Her vessels are extraordinarily thin, a real pleasure to hold.

Manos Kalamenios:

Most of the work exhibited was bowls placed upside down

except for the odd flat plate.

Penny Fowler:

Sally MacDonell:

Neil MacDonell:

Lara Scobie:


  1. Eirene, I look forward to your annual report on this fair. It is a marvellous way to see such a variety without having to brave the crowd! I am totally bowled over by Barry Stedman's work. I covet that black piece with the red flash - brilliant! Thank you.

    1. Barry Stedman is an exciting discovery, I agree, Olga. I first saw his work at the tea bowl exhibition at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, and then what a pleasant surprise, a week later, to see more at the Fair. Meeting him was also very nice. The black piece is my favourite too.

      As for the Fair itself, it's one of the highlights of the autumn. What is odd is that unlike exhibitions in galleries and museums, I don't mind the crowds there. It's part of the whole excitement of the event, I guess.