Wednesday 21 December 2016

Winter exhibition at the Stour Gallery

This gallery's exhibitions are getting better and better. This one was excellent.

Emanuel Cooper:

It was a pleasant surprise to see some of Cooper's ceramics outside a museum. Their simplicity and attention of detail are awesome.

looking in


looking in

looking in

It's all in the detail: these small dots inside the bowl take it to another level.

 Sotis Philippedes:

More on Philippides' work here

This bowl shines and reflects like a mirror. Philippides used liquid platinum glaze.

Ashley Howard:

Jane Seymour:

Jude Jelfs:

John Maltby:

Sarah Hitchens:

Slab built from coarse black clay, Hitchens' forms are torn, textured, rough-edged and purposely imperfect. They are often left unglazed or spontaneously bronzed to enhance the rawness of the surfaces. Glazes, when used, are freely poured, splashed and slip-trailed; rips and tears become an essential part of the making process.

Priscilla Mouritzen:

Mouritzen says of her work: 'The technique I use is simple: pinching a porcelain clay body, applying slips for colour. I enjoy exploring the feelings of intimacy and expressiveness that the small scale and the slight unevenness of the pinches surface gives... All the pinched bowls I make are the same size: hand-sized - as deep and as wide as the reach of thumb and fingers allow in the pinching process. The bowls are decorated according to a simple dogma rule: the pattern on the inside must also be carried over to the outside surface. The difference between the way the pattern reacts to being placed on a concave or a convex surface is the challenge'.

looking in

 Angela A'Court PS:

A'Court has just come back from Japan and Japanese influence in her recent work is evident. I loved her paper noodle pots. Her simple prints and drawings in pastel are delightful but I could not post many as the reflection on the glass was too strong.

Five noodle pots (soft pastel)

How to Make a Pot, (soft pastel)


  1. What a cornucopia of ceramics! I love that yellow glaze of Cooper's. I think that Sarah Hitchens' black with white spots is my narrow favourite - maybe.

    1. The Cooper ones are in a league of their own, and I agree about the yellow glaze. I liked the Saran Hitchens ones, particularly the third from the top. I was very tempted by the Priscilla Mouritzen ones, but my favourites are still the Sotis Philippides: they look so heavy and yet are so light! I don't know how he manages that.