Tuesday 2 May 2017

In the bluebell wood

One of the best places for bluebells in our area is Ryton Wood, which apparently is the country's largest surviving semi-natural ancient woodland, covering some 84.4 hectares. There is evidence that at least part of Ryton Wood dates back to the 11th century and it may have been wooded since the last ice age.

We entered the wood, turned right, and almost immediately

the familiar, vibrant blue carpet...

We continued on our way

I particularly like it when the paths are lined with the flowers

After a while we were walking uphill

It's very hard to capture the brilliance, the vibrancy of the colour, but this photograph is not bad

and of course, what photographs cannot convey is the heavenly scent surrounding you

daisies mixed amongst the bluebells

still uphill

I chased this great white and even though it kept eluding me, I managed to get two shots

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