Thursday, 22 June 2017

Kaethe Kollwitz - the sculptures

Kaethe Kollwitz, the sculptures, at the Kaethe Kollwitz Museum, Berlin.

This is a post about Kollwitz's sculptures and reliefs, following the one about her drawings and prints. Information about her life and oeuvre can be found in the previous post which you can see here

The first sculpture we saw, was one of Kollwitz, rather by her. A copy is situated in the middle of the Kaethe Kollwitz square in Prenzlauer Berg where she lived for 52 years, that you can see here

Gustav Seltz, Kaethe Kollwitz Memorial, 1958, (bronze)

Two Soldiers' Wives, Waiting, 1943, (bronze)

looking closer

from a different angle

Soldiers' Wives, Waving Goodbye, 1937-38, (bronze)

Mother with Two Children, 1932-36, (plaster coated with shellac)

This plaster could have been the artist's original version, from which moulds were manufactured and a (now lost) limestone version carved.

looking closer

from a different angle

from a different angle

Mother with Child Over her Shoulder, 1917, (bronze)

looking closer

Lovers, 1913, (bronze)

looking closer

Mother with Child in her Lap, 1911-15, (bronze)

looking closer

Self-Portrait, 1926-32, (bronze)

Mother Protecting her Child, 1941-42, (bronze)

Farewell, 1940-41, (bronze)

Funerary Relief, 'Rest in Peace in his Hands', 1935-36, (bronze)

Lament, 1938-40, (bronze)

Group of Children, 1937-38, (bronze)

Tower of Mothers, 1937-38, (bronze)


  1. Eirene, I found the bas reliefs that you show particularly powerful.

    1. I agree, Olga, the bas reliefs are particularly good.