Thursday 22 November 2018

The Old Court House, St Albans

The Old Court House, sometimes known as the Old Town Hall, is a 19th century building which functions as Museum and Gallery these days. The two-storey classical building was designed by George Smith and features a portico with Ionic columns over a podium.

We were impressed by the way it's been restored: as you enter the building, the café is on the right and the shop on the left.

The small but imposing court room functions as a café now but is also hired out for functions. This is where the book launch that brought us to St Albans took place - it got very noisy with 150 people who attended the book launch, but we had a wonderful time.

We visited the area below where the holding cells are situated

which are tiny

and most of which have been converted into toilets.

We then walked up the stairs that would bring the prisoners and their guards to the dock.

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