Sunday 14 July 2019

Cine Alimos

The sun was about to set as we made our way to our local open-air summer cinema.

We walked past Rayen, the new Mexican-themed café-bar

past Pennarubia, another café-bar

which has been here for ever, and is always very popular

and walked along the promenade

with the sea on our left

and the cinema with its huge screen on our right

Cine Alimos is our municipal open-air cinema, established four years ago by our wonderful visionary mayor who just got re-elected with a well-deserved 68% majority. The cost is half of that of other cinemas with a further reduction for residents.

We queued to pay

it was still very early and the 400 seats were mostly empty 

but by 9:15 when the film started most of the seats were taken. We watched the film under the moonlight.

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