Saturday, 21 September 2019

Takis at the Athens Art Fair, 2019

Takis at Art Athina, 2019.

Panagiotis Vassilakis,  whose professional name is Takis, known for his kinetic sculptures, investigated the gap between art and science. Since the early 1950s he has explored new aesthetic territories, creating three-dimensional works of art that incorporate invisible energies as a fourth. He synthesised a broad range of ideas and experiences - from intensive scientific research to ancient philosophies and Zen Buddhism to encounters with other artists and writers - to forge a unique, category-defying vision that continued to evolve throughout his career. Time, space, energy and even political activism are primary materials for Takis.

The exhibition booth was too small for the number of exhibits - three booths would have done justice to the work - and it was consequently very difficult to look at everything, let alone photograph it.

Tableau Lumineux, 2005, (wood, electronic elements, lights)

Candlesticks, 1985, (bronze)

Aeolian Signal Feu d'Artifice, 1957, (iron and aluminium)

Magnetic Sphere, 1990, (bronze and iron)

 Flower, 1985, (bronze and iron)

Telelumiere - Relique, 1976, (wood, glass, metal, electric installation and objects trouves)

Magnetic Column, 2004, (magnet, steel, black colour)

Erotic Sculpture, 1979-1985, (yellow panel, bronze, wood, magnets, objects trouves)

looking closer

Triple Signal, 1978, (iron, bronze and objets trouves)

Erotic Panel, 1979, (polyester, wood, magnets)

Telelumiere Relique, 1976

Magnetic Sphere, 1988, (bronze and iron)

Musical, 1967, (wood and magnets)

Magnetic Evidence, 1983, (bronze patina and magnet) 

Super Nova No. 45, 2005, (magnetic and indian ink, watercolour, magnetic pins on canvas)

Black Hole, no. 34, 2005, (magnetic and indian ink, watercolour, magnetic pins on canvas)

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